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September 2017

hello blogspot! i'm back! well i'm bored. hence i decided to write something. i bet my adsense stay with income of USD 0.01 lol because nobody actually read my blog. but that doesn't matter. Probably in the future i can get back to this blog & read it after 10 years & laugh about it lol. i did laugh on my old post from like 8 years ago. I sounds so silly & naive. Wow! how time flies !!

It's already September. Although it is such a peaceful year for me personally, but Geez what a boring year it is.
There is no progress in my life other than my inner peace lol. i bet if i don't have a family, i might be homeless by now. haha. but if im near to homeless situation, i might not be like this if i dont have anyone anyway.  I might be cleaning the loo or scrubbing the floor by now in order to eat. Do u get me? lol i just exaggerate on that part.

i have no exact topic for this post, just want to ramble nonsense. that's what i love to talk about when im in th…

Smoky eyes gyaru makeup

ko nak smoky eyes kan mon..yg ni lawa...

i luv this 1(pix at the top)... simple & nice
i miss my daytime nap...haha ..
aku nak wane rambut camni..hoho
i love this 1 (eye make-up for the girl with the hat)..its makes her eyes looks big n more attractive..*click to enlarge okay*

SCANDAL / Taiyou To Kimi Ga Egaku Story

they are so cute and talented...and this song is super kawaii..its makes me feel good ^_^

i always refer to japanese mag for eye make-up

this 1 looks a bit natural..