The Upward Spiral

I’m not sure what to feel about new year. I just hope I would be able to do something. Continue to experience & explore new things & places. I can’t stand monotonous life. It’s just not for me. It makes me feel awkward mentally.  For me life is kinda stop when I stop exploring. I’m still exploring in a way but in a different way. More like exploring knowledge & myself through books & countless articles. Getting more knowledge of any kinds give me sort of satisfaction. I never really realize that knowledge is really that powerful. Previously all I know is that, u need knowledge to pass the exam & that’s it. Talk about Malaysian education system failure at its finest.

Anyway as I wrote in my previous blog entries, I had mention that I’m still trying to figure out a way to prevent depression recurrent. I can’t say that I found it yet but I think I sort of found some ways to deal with it. I read this book called “The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Cou…

Miki Kawanishi my idol

this is miki kawanishi my gyaru idol...she is from popteen magazine...she is super kawaii ne!!

This is my favourite photo of her...i want to have a hairstyle like this..n tht color too..really really want it!! hehe

  • Nickname: Miki Kasai (pop the trunk)
  • Birthday: November 11, 1989
  • Blood Type: O
  • About Me:
  • Miki Kasai is POPTEEN (`・ω・') model 
Hobbies: Movies, computers, music
Recent addiction?
First thing to do after arrive at home?
Take off your shoes! ! !
The average hours of sleep?
12 hours.

Likes and dislikes

What is your favorite food?

Ice, sweets in general. USA!
Favorite food is?

Carrots, insects, worms

Favorite male talent?

Jackie Chan (* 'д `*) Moe. Zhi Hui 助Kun bamboo.

What is your favorite female talent?

Cute anyone who ('∇ `)

What is your favorite artist?

RADWIMPS, Superfly, K-POP General

What's your favorite movie?

ヽ 'ω `I guy like Jackie Roh ゙

Favorite TV show?

Faith Panic, 007 and Yabekuri, Korean dramas

What is your favorite animal?

All hairy (° Д °)! Moe


People you admire?
Jackie Chan, shiho Sun

Miki kawanishi official blog:

here is my collection of her pix


  1. we looks alike doesnt we..wait nt aku da keje ak buat rmbut cmni...hahaha


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