Type of post that I found annoying on FB

I’m not really active in FB now. Normally I just scroll the feed just to read some news.
I’m like many others, found that things that had been posted by some people are annoying.
Ok I get it it’s a good platform to share what’s happening in your life to your beloved friends.
But too much of everything is not good. I didn’t unfollow these people. I just use FB less nowadays. But I have to admit that I did unfollow some people although they are still my ‘friend’ on FB. They are those people who love to post racist statement or toxic people.

So below are my list of annoying people on FB lol:

1. Gym, yoga or Zumba enthusiast.
     I’m fine with these people if they didn’t post their workout pic every ‘second’ they are in the gym etc. It’s very unflattering to see your  sweat or show off things that people don’t want to see. One pic is fine. But too much of it, is annoying.

2. Cry baby
This is another level of people who love to rant on FB (i’m Ok with this) . But not Ok with a cry baby at…

Miki Kawanishi my idol

this is miki kawanishi my gyaru idol...she is from popteen magazine...she is super kawaii ne!!

This is my favourite photo of her...i want to have a hairstyle like this..n tht color too..really really want it!! hehe

  • Nickname: Miki Kasai (pop the trunk)
  • Birthday: November 11, 1989
  • Blood Type: O
  • About Me:
  • Miki Kasai is POPTEEN (`・ω・') model 
Hobbies: Movies, computers, music
Recent addiction?
First thing to do after arrive at home?
Take off your shoes! ! !
The average hours of sleep?
12 hours.

Likes and dislikes

What is your favorite food?

Ice, sweets in general. USA!
Favorite food is?

Carrots, insects, worms

Favorite male talent?

Jackie Chan (* 'д `*) Moe. Zhi Hui 助Kun bamboo.

What is your favorite female talent?

Cute anyone who ('∇ `)

What is your favorite artist?

RADWIMPS, Superfly, K-POP General

What's your favorite movie?

ヽ 'ω `I guy like Jackie Roh ゙

Favorite TV show?

Faith Panic, 007 and Yabekuri, Korean dramas

What is your favorite animal?

All hairy (° Д °)! Moe


People you admire?
Jackie Chan, shiho Sun

Miki kawanishi official blog: http://ameblo.jp/kawanishi-miki/entry-10852783090.html

here is my collection of her pix


  1. we looks alike doesnt we..wait nt aku da keje ak buat rmbut cmni...hahaha


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