Type of post that I found annoying on FB

I’m not really active in FB now. Normally I just scroll the feed just to read some news.
I’m like many others, found that things that had been posted by some people are annoying.
Ok I get it it’s a good platform to share what’s happening in your life to your beloved friends.
But too much of everything is not good. I didn’t unfollow these people. I just use FB less nowadays. But I have to admit that I did unfollow some people although they are still my ‘friend’ on FB. They are those people who love to post racist statement or toxic people.

So below are my list of annoying people on FB lol:

1. Gym, yoga or Zumba enthusiast.
     I’m fine with these people if they didn’t post their workout pic every ‘second’ they are in the gym etc. It’s very unflattering to see your  sweat or show off things that people don’t want to see. One pic is fine. But too much of it, is annoying.

2. Cry baby
This is another level of people who love to rant on FB (i’m Ok with this) . But not Ok with a cry baby at…

before sunrise, before sunset and before midnight

Don't get too excited. This have nothing to do with my life. hahaha.
It is just the name of a movie and its sequel. Just search it on  IMDB or wikipedia. Well, i never really watch the first movie (before sunrise) and still don't have chance to do so till now..sob sob..It's a great movie. I already watched it 3 times and cried each time. I planned to watch it again later. I truly deeply love it. Before sunrise (1995), before sunset (2004). The sequel is made after 9 years of the first movie and they did grow old in the movie which makes the story very realistic. The story start with Jesse (Ethan Hawke) talking about his new novel which based on his time spent with Celine (Julie Delphy) in Paris. This very first part really pulling me in to keep on watching. Before sunset is all talk with no hugging, kissing etc. Not your typical romance drama. Just talk. Unlike most ''all talk'' movies, this movie is not boring and very emotional and i love the brilliant script. It makes me feel like i'm a third person eavesdrop their conversation. Anyway, most people including me myself found that the taxi scene is the most emotional scene in this movie. My tears flow like a heavy rain hahahha. The fact that they express their feeling towards each other but at the same time they already have their own partner who they don't love, really broke my heart. Jesse married to a woman he impregnated and Celine being with someone who rarely spend time with her. If your life is kinda related to this story u will feel more sad and hurtful. Ok..enough of the sad part. My favorite scene is when Celine dance to Nina Simone song, gosh..it just so sexy and cute! and then she said ''baby u are gonna miss that plane''. Epic.

Oh i'm so much anticipated to watch before sunset sequel called Before Midnight (2013). The scene was shot in Greece. I wonder what will happen. I read somewhere that there are possibility that before midnight will be the last movie and they are getting back together..Please please let it happen. Finger-crossed for it!!

Before Midnight


  1. tak pernah tgk & tahu pun pasal cter ni?

  2. ko try la tgk leha..lebey2 lagi klo ko minat drama romance..cite ni xde aksi 18 ke atas..and aku tgk b'ulang kali pon xbosan..hehe

  3. seriously x de aksi 18 xxx ??? hehe...since it is Ethan Hawk...

  4. nope..seriously xde..not even kissing..haha..diane ko ske cte jiwang but at the same time sedih kan..u should watch it...haha


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