September 2017

hello blogspot! i'm back! well i'm bored. hence i decided to write something. i bet my adsense stay with income of USD 0.01 lol because nobody actually read my blog. but that doesn't matter. Probably in the future i can get back to this blog & read it after 10 years & laugh about it lol. i did laugh on my old post from like 8 years ago. I sounds so silly & naive. Wow! how time flies !!

It's already September. Although it is such a peaceful year for me personally, but Geez what a boring year it is.
There is no progress in my life other than my inner peace lol. i bet if i don't have a family, i might be homeless by now. haha. but if im near to homeless situation, i might not be like this if i dont have anyone anyway.  I might be cleaning the loo or scrubbing the floor by now in order to eat. Do u get me? lol i just exaggerate on that part.

i have no exact topic for this post, just want to ramble nonsense. that's what i love to talk about when im in th…

counting days for 2012 to end!

oh wow.time passed by so fast...i still remember the end of 2011 quite well..and now we almost come to the end of 2012...can't hardly wait for it..well actually it doesn't mean that much anyway just the change of  number  from 2 to year would be different for yeah..that's why..that's my different things each year..talking about 2012..i love 2012! it's been a great and happening year for me but a bit bitter too at the same time.especially at the beginning of the year and some part of other months that i couldn't mention here...i wish i can forget some part of 2012 out of my my mind and memories..and born as a new memories-wise...hahaha....i managed to change my way of thinking and my personality a bit or more (not sure the scale) for the past 4-5 years ..i'm not sure  whether i can change my attitude or personality again..modified it a bit here and there..just wait for my ideas to come..i don't wanna think about it..i guess people see me as a happy person..and other people will realize immediately if  '' i'm not happy''..actually.. originally i'm not that kinda person..totally the opposite..i never really smile to other people even towards people that i know and i'm quite's more to my inner shyness (my made up words..haha) conflict..i don't really talk to people and i don't have interest talking with other people..tapi itu dulu..i realized that it's not a good attitude and i have to change for myself too..and now i have changed ! :D ..maybe not totally but up to better scale :D ..and one more thing..negativity..i can't live with is something that have to kick out like a disease...if i don't do that..u'll definitely see the different hidden side of me..scary and full of unspoken rage inside of me which come out once in a while if i accidentally think too much  .that's why i have to live to not to think too much about unnecessary stuff..believe is really really bad..and thinking in the sense of mind-reading is one of the worst activity ever and i try to avoid that is very very tiring..we are not superhuman who can read other people mind..but we love to do that weren't we?


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