Thursday, August 20, 2015

Work for travel instead of travel for work

wow its been almost 2 years since I'm not posting anything here since i start to work seriously since 2 years ago & don't have time to blog.

I feel i have grow as person for that period of time & i had travelled to a few countries & had been exposed to the 'outside' world. Its always been my dream to travel the world & since I'm young I always thought of studying oversea but i never know how to. But now i absolutely don't want that anymore. Doing research ? that would be hell. Haha. Anyway, I thought the only way for me to get to travel is by saving money. People said u will never know ur luck. Then i got this job where i get the chance to travel the world even some of the places u never thought of going. Of course I'm not in the tourism industry or things like that. There's a lot of stories i can share about those places in this blog but yeah then again i don't have time to do that.

The way u view life is difference when u get to see the world. Well anyway its depends on what type person u are too. Of course different people have different things that they wanna do or achieved in life. Some people think they want to be rich & some want to have a their own family etc. I can be a bit 'hippie' sometimes. Just laid back (I'm totally like this before &i know its not that healthy). I don't think much about the standard way of living like the rest of the people. To have that standard life or timeline made me feel trapped & not being myself. I know a lot people will judge me for this. why u don't buy a house? why u don't get married? why & why & why.  SO there are a lot of why. Screw those judgmental people.  I know I'm a late starter but well thats my life anyway.

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