The Upward Spiral

I’m not sure what to feel about new year. I just hope I would be able to do something. Continue to experience & explore new things & places. I can’t stand monotonous life. It’s just not for me. It makes me feel awkward mentally.  For me life is kinda stop when I stop exploring. I’m still exploring in a way but in a different way. More like exploring knowledge & myself through books & countless articles. Getting more knowledge of any kinds give me sort of satisfaction. I never really realize that knowledge is really that powerful. Previously all I know is that, u need knowledge to pass the exam & that’s it. Talk about Malaysian education system failure at its finest.

Anyway as I wrote in my previous blog entries, I had mention that I’m still trying to figure out a way to prevent depression recurrent. I can’t say that I found it yet but I think I sort of found some ways to deal with it. I read this book called “The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Cou…

My successful way for clearer skin (Cara untuk hilangkan jerawat tegar)

I'm sharing this because I could not find any good source on how to get a clearer skin.  I bet sometimes it can make u feel depressed & make u have a low self-esteem. I feel ya. I'm one of those acne-sufferer since my teenage life.

Disclaimer: Sorry korang, post ni dalam bahasa English. Ingat nak translate tapi malas pulak. haha. So layan jer eh.

 If u have clear skin since you are born into this world, you are truly blessed. I am definitely clueless about skincare at that point. Like the rest of acne-sufferer, I did not put any moisturizer on my face since my face is very oily.  Everytime i wash my face, I try to get rid of any trace of oil on my face because I hate it so much. I believe it was the culprit for my acne and actually it is not totally that oil fault. I also put heavy makeup to cover up all those acnes. That was a mistake. I am happy with my natural face now. I did not put any makeup at all. I just put sunscreen on my face when I'm out.

On the left was my face in 2011. On the right is how my skin looks like right now (2017).
Sorry for the level of grossness of this picture lol. 


So how I did it? 

It has been 6 months since I start my acne healing journey. It was a trial and error process. I have wasted a lot of money along the way to find out the best way to cure my acne problem. I still have like 10 skincare products with me that did not work for me and I plan to give it to my friends and the rest I will throw it away. I tell u what, benzoyl peroxide didn't work for me. My face is getting worse after using that. Expensive high-end acne serum also didn't work for me.

It is quite simple actually. So this is how:

1. Do facial treatment to get your acne being squeezed out professionally. I just did 2 session of normal facial treatment and all the bump was gone. Fancy treatment is not necessary as long as u go to reputable aesthetic spa.

2. Healthy diet !! This is extremely important to maintain a healthy looking skin. U need to google search on this since there are many information on this part. My rules are : No sweet stuff (No soda etc, I was pretty much a Sprite addict before), NO junk food & fast food (Yup I was an addict for these 2 too), NO milk, NO white bread/rice (ok this one is not necessary, I just put this rule for the sake of my health lol)

3. Use natural-organic skincare This is not that easy to implement here in Malaysia because almost all the products they sold here are not natural even though they labelled it as natural or organic. I researched each one of the ingredients that they use in the products. Basically, I have no choice but to import it from overseas. The shipping fee is more expensive than the product itself lol.

I bought the  organic skincare that I use from iHerb. Click this link 'iHerb $5 off' & get $5 off for your purchase on iHerb.

So kalo produk orang jual kat internet tu cakap kesan tu bley nampak dalam 1 hari atau seminggu, tu semua tipu belaka. Testimoni gambar pulak guna model yang muka da licin. So jadi la pengguna bijak hokay !

Below is my face before I start my acne healing process lol (January 2017) . Dull face with a lol of disgusting cystic acne. I look terribly sad too. HAHA

And this is my face now !! Ahoy ! (June 2017)


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