The Upward Spiral

I’m not sure what to feel about new year. I just hope I would be able to do something. Continue to experience & explore new things & places. I can’t stand monotonous life. It’s just not for me. It makes me feel awkward mentally.  For me life is kinda stop when I stop exploring. I’m still exploring in a way but in a different way. More like exploring knowledge & myself through books & countless articles. Getting more knowledge of any kinds give me sort of satisfaction. I never really realize that knowledge is really that powerful. Previously all I know is that, u need knowledge to pass the exam & that’s it. Talk about Malaysian education system failure at its finest.

Anyway as I wrote in my previous blog entries, I had mention that I’m still trying to figure out a way to prevent depression recurrent. I can’t say that I found it yet but I think I sort of found some ways to deal with it. I read this book called “The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Cou…

Type of post that I found annoying on FB

I’m not really active in FB now. Normally I just scroll the feed just to read some news.
I’m like many others, found that things that had been posted by some people are annoying.
Ok I get it it’s a good platform to share what’s happening in your life to your beloved friends.
But too much of everything is not good. I didn’t unfollow these people. I just use FB less nowadays. But I have to admit that I did unfollow some people although they are still my ‘friend’ on FB. They are those people who love to post racist statement or toxic people.

So below are my list of annoying people on FB lol:

1. Gym, yoga or Zumba enthusiast.
     I’m fine with these people if they didn’t post their workout pic every ‘second’ they are in the gym etc. It’s very unflattering to see your  sweat or show off things that people don’t want to see. One pic is fine. But too much of it, is annoying.

2. Cry baby
This is another level of people who love to rant on FB (i’m Ok with this) . But not Ok with a cry baby attention  seeker. These people makes small problem sounds so big. Sometimees  they just give ‘hint’ to create suspend. Seriously over dramatic. Grow up & stop being childish !

3. Racist post. Enough said.

4. Selfie queen. These are the types of people who treat FB like their diary. They took selfie most of the time & mention what type of lipstick or eyeshadow they wear. Take selfie after they wake up from sleep or before they are going to sleep. Get a life, Seriously nobody give a crap.

4. Achiever! They posted things like ‘Today I make a first passport!’ With picture. “Today I get my driving license!’ With picture. These type of people tend to post every ‘achievement’ on their FB. They tend to have a throwback of their achievement too like once every year.

Are you one of those ??

Well maybe that’s makes them happy. Being themselves. Lol. So just let them be & deal with it.


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