September 2017

hello blogspot! i'm back! well i'm bored. hence i decided to write something. i bet my adsense stay with income of USD 0.01 lol because nobody actually read my blog. but that doesn't matter. Probably in the future i can get back to this blog & read it after 10 years & laugh about it lol. i did laugh on my old post from like 8 years ago. I sounds so silly & naive. Wow! how time flies !!

It's already September. Although it is such a peaceful year for me personally, but Geez what a boring year it is.
There is no progress in my life other than my inner peace lol. i bet if i don't have a family, i might be homeless by now. haha. but if im near to homeless situation, i might not be like this if i dont have anyone anyway.  I might be cleaning the loo or scrubbing the floor by now in order to eat. Do u get me? lol i just exaggerate on that part.

i have no exact topic for this post, just want to ramble nonsense. that's what i love to talk about when im in th…

Kampala, Uganda


A land where gorilla, an almost extinct creature live. Didn't want to upset you, but I didn't manage to visit any safari & of course gorilla trekking was out of the question.
I was there for a week on a biz trip. A visit to an African country is always something i look up to. A foreign land that is very different from home always amazed me.
For Malaysian, visa is not required to enter this country. You just need to get a yellow fever vaccination & show the proof (on the small yellow book thing).
The view outside of the airport is quite small. A lot of birds everywhere. It have this safari feel to it.

Red earth. This is  a normal scenery here. It was more happening in the morning. More crowded. People selling stuff like bananas at the side of the road. A lot of people walking around and sitting outside of their shop.
There are a lot of small shops like this one & it was painted with some ad.
The apartment  where I stay. It feels quite isolated & there was a farm at the back as you can see here.  At night it was kinda creepy since the sounds of the insects outside was too loud & I was all alone!! but what choice do I have!
Basically the shops are out of reach without the transportation. I did bought some stuff earlier but the raw beef that I bought which is not cheap turn up to be spoilt. So after googling I found a food delivery website called Jumia Food previously known as hellofood. It is something like Foodpanda here. It was quite good. Took like 1 hour or more if it was raining for the food to arrived. Well what do you expect. They deliver food from varieties of restaurant Ugandan, western, Arabic, Indian, Chinese etc. But it is a bit pricey I  gotta say. Anyway, I often ordered for food delivery while on biz trip in other countries.
Food that I ordered from Jumia. The avocado wrap taste so good!! 
I enjoy that grape juice a lot. Never taste anything like it, I swear to God (I'm atheist). Cant remember where it was from, just remember it was from some Arabic country.
They have something like Uber service (not really) in here but they use motorbike though they call it as boda-boda. I didn't ride on any of those since i was too chicken out. According to the statistic, there were too many boda-boda accident. So it is at your own risk. Anyway, you can just try to ask any of the motorbiker to get u to anywhere if the online service is unreliable. U can actually see a lot of this boda-boda biker outside of the mall for example.
Boda-boda. The biker will fill up the seat quota just like in this pic. The one with helmet is the biker, the rest are his passengers. No helmet for you! Would you dare to try this once in a lifetime chance to ride on a boda-boda?


Went to a beach near to the airport before I went back to Malaysia. Honestly, I can't remember the name of this place. Please forgive me.
I wish to come back here again for gorilla or chimpanzee trekking. It is very expensive though. Not sure if i will have the chance to go here again.


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