Type of post that I found annoying on FB

I’m not really active in FB now. Normally I just scroll the feed just to read some news.
I’m like many others, found that things that had been posted by some people are annoying.
Ok I get it it’s a good platform to share what’s happening in your life to your beloved friends.
But too much of everything is not good. I didn’t unfollow these people. I just use FB less nowadays. But I have to admit that I did unfollow some people although they are still my ‘friend’ on FB. They are those people who love to post racist statement or toxic people.

So below are my list of annoying people on FB lol:

1. Gym, yoga or Zumba enthusiast.
     I’m fine with these people if they didn’t post their workout pic every ‘second’ they are in the gym etc. It’s very unflattering to see your  sweat or show off things that people don’t want to see. One pic is fine. But too much of it, is annoying.

2. Cry baby
This is another level of people who love to rant on FB (i’m Ok with this) . But not Ok with a cry baby at…

My trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum (Part 1)

I think most people had heard of Pompeii. I first get to know about it from a documentary many years ago. My choice of travel destination for a vacation is always ancient historical places  (and places with wonderful nature beauty), so this is one of the must go places for me. But how to get there?

If u disembark from Roma Terminal, u need to buy Trenitalia ticket to Naples Central (Napoli Centrale). Buy it earlier to get better price and to avoid ticket sold out situation. From Napoli Centrale change train to Circumvesuviana train (old scary looking train). Cant remember how much but it is cheap. I have a hard time pronouncing Circumvesuviana. The Circumvesuviana platform is at the ground floor. Find an escalator & go down. I got lost in this station after I was given with the wrong information by a local & the sign was not helpful & confusing haha. Or maybe it is just me. I bought the ticket from the counter from an old lady with sour face.

Circumvesuviana train

Make sure u get into the right train which is heading to Sorento. Read the LED board on top carefully and always be alert.

Station name for Pompeii is Pompei Scavi and station name for Herculaneum is Ercalano Scavi.

Some of the stations along the way are heavily sprayed with graffiti. In fact the whole station are sprayed with graffiti. Although I do love graffiti work of art but if it is too much It looks horrible. It is definitely not a pleasant site to look at. Seems like the authorities do nothing about it.

Fee: 20 euro for all sites which includes Pompeii, Herculaneum and  Naples Archeological Museum.(2 days pass). Each sites if buy separately cost 11 euro. I bought the pass on the spot.

Pompei Scavi station

This is among the first ruin u will see

It would be useful for u to take the guide book & the map once u enter the site. That if u cant afford to rent the audio device or hired a guide.

The archeologist believe that this was the brothel house

Poor guy

Well-preserved villa

One of the largest villa here

At the bar

Mount Vesuvius at my back. It's still an active volcano & the only active volcano in mainland Europe.
Recent eruption was few days ago.

I love wandering around Pompeii. After spending 3 & a half hours in Pompeii, I went to Herculaneum. I only have one hour in Herculaneum since the closing time is 4.30 pm! (On November - end of fall early winter) The time I was out from Herculaneum to Ercalano station it was already dark, scary & I was alone as usual !

I wish i had spend more time there. Don't have time to find & visit some of the houses. I want to visit Villa de Miseri but could not find the path go there since some of the road was being closed. I can say there are quite a number of houses being closed for maintenance. Try to make sense with pompei paper map but as expected i’m just bad at reading a map!

To be continued for Part 2 - Herculaneum


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