The Upward Spiral

I’m not sure what to feel about new year. I just hope I would be able to do something. Continue to experience & explore new things & places. I can’t stand monotonous life. It’s just not for me. It makes me feel awkward mentally.  For me life is kinda stop when I stop exploring. I’m still exploring in a way but in a different way. More like exploring knowledge & myself through books & countless articles. Getting more knowledge of any kinds give me sort of satisfaction. I never really realize that knowledge is really that powerful. Previously all I know is that, u need knowledge to pass the exam & that’s it. Talk about Malaysian education system failure at its finest.

Anyway as I wrote in my previous blog entries, I had mention that I’m still trying to figure out a way to prevent depression recurrent. I can’t say that I found it yet but I think I sort of found some ways to deal with it. I read this book called “The Upward Spiral: Using Neuroscience to Reverse the Cou…

My foreign jewelry collection

 I love collecting stuff from other countries like shot glass, coins & jewelry. 

I'm not sure if I should call this as jewelry or not lol because it is not made from jewel or anything lol. I don't really wear them to be honest since I'm not a jewelry type of woman. The only 'jewelry' that i wear are some small crystal earring. Anyway lets look at my small foreign jewelry collection.

Murano glass earring

       Murano glass pendant                                           Backview of Murano glass pendant

All of this I bought at Venice island for like 2 Euro i think. I love those Murano glass that have flower in it.

          Murano glass earring 
This one I bought at Burano island for like 7-8 Euro 😅😅

Gypsy earring
This one I bought at La Rambla, Barcelona for 5 Euro. I love the Bohemian feel of it, They have a lot of other type but I can only afford to buy one since I'm a poor Asian woman 😆

Czech Republic pendant.
This one I bought at Old Town Square, Prague. I can't remember how much.

Indian earrings
I bought both of these at some streets in Bangalore. It is very cheap. I think 10 Rupees ? U can buy a lot of them! Because they have a lot of choices & looks very nice! If u go to souvenirs shop to buy this, the price can be ridiculously more expensive 😆. So if u want to buy some cheap stuff, buy it on the street like those Indians do.

Terracota Indian earring
So this one I bought at Bangalore airport. It is not cheap like those on the street.

Cambodian bracelet open cuff
This was given by my sister. She bought it from Siem Reap. I didn't buy any jewelry when I was in Siem Reap though. I love the details on the end of the cuff. It looks so unique & very Cambodian.

Filipino colorful sea shell bracelet & pearl earring
Both of these I bought at a souvenir shop in a mall in Manila. I bought quite a number of pearl earrings white, pink & grey color which I'm not sure where have I keep it 😅

Ethiopian recycled metal earrings
Both of these I bought at Addis Merkato in Addis Ababa. I think it is not that cheap. I should have bought those popular cross type of earrings but I thought i probably will not wear it. But oh well, I regret it now for not buying it.


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