My foreign jewelry collection

I love collecting stuff from other countries like shot glass, coins & jewelry. 
I'm not sure if I should call this as jewelry or not lol because it is not made from jewel or anything lol. I don't really wear them to be honest since I'm not a jewelry type of woman. The only 'jewelry' that i wear are some small crystal earring. Anyway lets look at my small foreign jewelry collection.
Murano glass earring

       Murano glass pendant                                           Backview of Murano glass pendant
All of this I bought at Venice island for like 2 Euro i think. I love those Murano glass that have flower in it.

Murano glass earring This one I bought at Burano island for like 7-8 Euro 😅😅

Gypsy earring This one I bought at La Rambla, Barcelona for 5 Euro. I love the Bohemian feel of it, They have a lot of other type but I can only afford to buy one since I'm a poor Asian woman 😆
Czech Republic pendant. This one I bought at Old Town Square, Prague. I can&…

My trip to Pompeii and Herculaneum (Part 2)

Continuation from Part 1


I gotta say u need the whole day to visit Pompeii alone unless if u go there during summer. U probably have enough time to visit both Pompeii & Herculaneum during summer (longer sunlight for u but crowded). The next day u can visit Herculaneum & Naples Archeological Museum. I wish i’d visited Naples Archeological Museum because i want to see those frescos & statues in Secret Museum! But i totally don't have time!

How to go to Herculaneum from Ercalano station?

Out from Ercalano station go down & walk straight (or use taxi which I avoid) all the way for 15-20 minutes (not that near) until u found a wall gate with latin alphabet ‘HERCVLANEVM’ & need to walk further for like 10 minutes until u reach the ticket entrance.

The main entrance to Herculaneum. It looks pretty dark because of the backlight

This is how Herculaneum looks like from the top while u walk along the long path to go to the site from the main entrance. As u can see here, Herculaneum is actually resides beneath the modern city.

Here u can see the modern house located exactly on the top of the old Herculaneum villa. The excavation of the whole Herculaneum was incomplete. I believe there are still a lot of other villas that have not been discovered yet due to this issue.

Mount Vesuvius looks much more nearer from here

Lonely road of Herculaneum

Well-preserved frescos

Well-preserved fresco

Can see the part of the villa which was burn hundreds (or thousand ?) of years ago

 The villas here were more well-preserved than Pompeii

I haven't really finish visiting the whole place at this time & it was already dark & near to the closing time. There were only a few tourists wandering around. I have to admit I was a little bit scared since I was all alone lol.


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